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Graye Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Graye Roberts has put in a lot of elbow grease to get where he is, and he appreciates the opportunity he’s had to build his career in the trades.

He’s joining us in 2021 as Vice President of Moss Mechanical, but his experience in the field of HVAC and mechanical services goes back 25 years. Most recently, he spent three years in HVAC Sales and Operations, and before that, he was a Project Manager working on high-end residential HVAC jobs.

With a focus on the success of both customers and employees, Graye brings enthusiasm and a desire to grow to his role as Vice President of Moss Mechanical. He knows that happy customers result directly from happy teams, so he’s a natural fit for Moss' people-oriented culture.

For Graye, it all started when a friend recommended a job in the heating and cooling industry. With his active nature and hands-on approach, he took to the work right away. From the start, he loved the challenge of problem solving for each client, and the constant opportunity to learn new technologies. Graye knows firsthand that you can’t learn the work from behind a desk but you can gain a priceless education through experience.

Graye’s directness and work ethic come from his parents. Simple, hard-working, and known for their hospitality, they taught by example that there are consequences to our actions, and that it’s always wise to think before doing.

Now, Graye is an example of the same values for the young people coming up behind him. He loves the trades because they give you skills and abilities that no one can take away. It’s important for the next generation to realize that if you develop yourself in any aspect of craftsmanship, you’ll always have work.

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