Our Mission
Providing a better future for our community through the highest level of workmanship to give comfort through our mechanical services.
We Want to
Be Different.

Sometimes we get asked the question, why did we start Moss?

Do we want to make some profit? Sure.

Do we want to provide for our families? Absolutely.

Do we want the pride of being the best at what we do? Definitely.

But at the heart of our entire team is a desire to be different. We want to be different.

We believe this industry is full of great people.
But we believe this industry is broken.
For too long, this industry has allowed the hard-working people to be underappreciated.
For too long, this industry has allowed subpar companies to take advantage of homeowners through unethical business practices.
For too long, this industry has profited from uneducated customers through sales gimmicks and unnecessary upselling.
For too long, this industry has cut corners to try and increase profits while delivering poor quality and not caring.

Moss is different. Our people are different. You’ll see it on their faces in your home or your job site. You’ll see it in the way we approach business. You’ll see it in our incredible customer service. You’ll see it in the relationships we build. You’ll see it in our prices. And ultimately, you’ll feel it when you’re doing business with us.

Why Moss Mechanical?
Great Work
Starts With
Hard Work
Honest &

What started out as mentors and friendships, grew into strong connections, great friends, and soon to be business partners. Garrett Moss, Case Whitfield, Graye Roberts, and Kelly Roberts, come from diverse but connected backgrounds in the industry. Each of their backgrounds and specific line-of-work, brought this team together. As they have worked throughout the years on jobs, as a team, their pasts created their futures. Officially in 2021 they established Moss Mechanical. They teamed up together to make the mechanical world a better and safer place, only to offer the best services and technology.

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