What To Expect From Your Air Conditioning Company
Air Conditioning Company | What To Expect For Your AC Tune Up

Are you uncertain whether you need an AC tune-up because you’re not quite sure what it means?

We understand because we want our own families to know what they’re getting themselves into when it comes to home maintenance. 

Like all industries, not all businesses are the same. But here is what you can expect from a trustworthy air conditioning company.

Here’s What You Can Expect From A Knowledgeable & Ethical Air Conditioning Company

The Moss team is made up of your neighbors in the North Dallas area. We commit to treating each client as we would our own family – fairly and respectfully. 

Time for a tune-up? Give Moss a ring and get it on the calendar.

1. Bi-Annual HVAC Tune-Ups

At the very least, you should schedule a professional HVAC tune-up once a year. However, for the best results, twice-a-year tune-ups are highly recommended. 

It’s important to have a professional HVAC technician perform these tune-ups prior to the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Their HVAC expertise offers a strong foundation with extensive education and training at its core. Our team of technicians at Moss – Heating | Cooling check all major and minor components, including fluid levels. 

Tune-ups ensure your system is up for the challenge ahead and help to keep your energy bills from unnecessarily skyrocketing.

2. Evaluate All Major & Minor Components

Can you name every component of your HVAC system?

If not, how can you expect to keep your unit in tip-top shape?

Don’t play a guessing game when it can result in an uncomfortable home environment. Instead, lean on the expertise of Moss’ HVAC technicians. We’ll make sure each part is in good working order, and make repairs as needed. 

3. Check Fluid Levels

Oil, water, and refrigerant are all fluids that your AC requires to run properly. If one begins to leak or the levels are simply low, then it’s time for a top-off. 

Trust the Moss technicians to handle this task so you can sit back and enjoy the cool breeze of your AC system. 

Don’t let your minor HVAC needs turn into major repairs. Contact Moss today!

4. HVAC Repairs As Needed

When one part of an HVAC system stops working properly, it can cause a domino effect. The result? More repairs that will likely cost more than if you had called in reinforcements from a reputable air conditioning company at the first sign that something was off. 

5. Recommendations For DIY Maintenance Between Tune-Ups

It’s true! You can perform DIY maintenance tasks between your bi-annual tune-ups to keep your AC system in good condition. From changing filters and cleaning coils to decluttering your home and keeping an eye on your thermostat, a good HVAC technician will walk you through how to protect your system until their next visit.

Contact Moss For An Honest & Transparent HVAC Evaluation

Moss – Heating | Cooling prides itself on employing trustworthy technicians, providing exceptional service, and offering fair and transparent prices. Keep our number (972) 848-5961 on speed dial and give us a call for regular tune-ups or if something seems off. We’ll be there to keep your HVAC system working properly. 

Contact the Moss Heating & Cooling pros today.

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