How To Know if You Need An AC Repair Service
AC Repair Services - Find Out What You Need

Returning home or waking up to a broken AC is a terrible feeling. Not only are you hot and uncomfortable, but now your mind is racing as you worry about the potential repair cost of an AC replacement. 

Don’t fret! The truth is, there is a good chance you simply need AC repair services. However, you can only truly determine where your HVAC system stands with help from an HVAC technician with the proper education and training.

4 Ways To Determine If You Need An AC Repair Service

Your HVAC technician will fully examine your system to determine whether you need an AC repair service. Here are some factors they will consider.

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1. Lack Of Cool Air & Overall Airflow

As the temperatures creep higher, you need more than just airflow. You need cool air coming into your home to keep you cool, healthy, and comfortable.

Let your HVAC technician know if you notice a lack of cool air or overall airflow. By checking all the components, they’ll be able to determine whether you need AC repair services.  

2. Moisture Buildup & Water Leaks Stemming From Your AC

Evidence of water leaks and moisture buildup are signs that something isn’t working properly. In this case, the first thing your AC technician will look at is if the condensate and overflow drains are leaking. This is typically a simple AC repair service.

Depending on what is causing the moisture and how long it has been occurring, you may need further repairs.

3. AC Emanating A Foul Smell 

Is your AC stinking up the place?

Some common smells that a faulty AC may put off include:

  • Rotten eggs
  • Stinky feet
  • Gun powder

If you think you smell a skunk or rotten eggs, it may be a gas leak. It’s important to open windows and exit the house immediately. Then, call your gas company and fire department right away to ensure you and your home are not in immediate danger.

A burning or gunpowder scent could mean your fan motor or circuit board is shorting out. First, ensure there’s not an active fire in your home. Then, turn off your AC unit and call a professional HVAC technician immediately.

Lastly, the smell of stinky feet may be a sign that your AC system is dirty and that you have mold or mildew growing in your ducts. 

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4. Weird Noises Coming From Your AC 

Any noise aside from the usual low hum of your AC is your sign to schedule a tune-up with an HVAC technician. The reasons for these noises may be due to:

  • Loose connecting rod or piston pin
  • Loose internal mounts
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Malfunctioning controls
  • Low oil

The best thing you can do is to schedule an HVAC system evaluation as soon as possible. The causes of these sounds can often be fixed with a standard AC repair service. But if you put it off for too long, these issues will compound and may require an AC replacement.

Call In The Pros To Determine If You Need An AC Repair Service

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