4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings
How To DIY Your IAQ To Improve Air Quality in Commercial Buildings
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Is commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) becoming a concern in your place of business?

The air you breathe matters and can seriously affect your quality of life. Since you likely spend a majority, if not half, of your time at work, it’s important to take indoor air quality in commercial buildings seriously.

You want employees and visitors to your business to be comfortable. Moreover, you want your HVAC system to have the longest work life possible to avoid an early, unnecessary and costly replacement. 

Here are 4 ways to help improve indoor air quality in your commercial building. However, for the most effective results – call in the experts for an IAQ audit.

4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

Exposure to indoor pollutants, including dust, outdated use of lead paint, pesticides, and other irritants can drastically decrease your indoor air quality. Follow these 4 steps to DIY your IAQ and improve commercial air quality.

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1. Change Air Filters Often

For your commercial HVAC system to do its job properly, you must change the air filters regularly. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot more than poor commercial air quality to worry about. 

When business owners get in the habit of changing air filters on a regular basis, it helps to improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings. Moreover, this routine and necessary maintenance task will allow your HVAC system to work as it should.

2. Clean & Declutter Indoor Areas

Commercial spaces can quickly become full of clutter with incoming shipments and a lack of time to tidy up. However, this can lead to a culmination of dirt, dust, dander, and other irritants. 

Aside from just having a clean and comfortable work environment, decluttering and cleaning will help you improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings. 

3. Avoid Indoor Pollutants 

Do you know what’s floating through your HVAC system? Good or bad, it affects indoor air quality in commercial buildings. 

Your best bet is to avoid indoor air pollutants as much as possible. To do this, opt for non-toxic cleaning products to keep surfaces clean. Moreover, you should sweep and vacuum daily to avoid a build-up of dust and debris so that it does not become airborne. It's worth noting that there are test kits for mold and other contaminants that can help you identify any potential problems with your commercial air quality.

4. Integrate Air Purification Systems

An air purification system, like Moss’ IAQ solutions, makes cleaning duties easier while also helping to improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings. 

By cleaning the air that flows through your air ducts, an IAQ will eliminate dust, dander, and other airborne pollutants. This minimizes the amount of dust left for your team to clean. It also provides an ideal environment for employees and visitors to your business. 

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